Sound not working, probably due to recent changes


It appears that recent changes on ALSA resulted on Bay Trail and Cherry Trail devices sound to stop working:

The most recent release of alsa-lib was released on November, 28, this year. Mentions of the patch was on December 3, so I doubt that the patch is present now, excluding the fact that I receive a similar error (running on a Cherry Trail CPU). I was wondering what kind of action is necessary for instances like these? Do we just wait till the upstream patches reach our end?

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For all those having the same problem:


Downgrade (alsa-lib ) reference:

it was a problem with the alsa-libs update, thanks much to /u/Koylio. To downgrade this, install downgrade using "sudo pacman -S downgrade", "DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 downgrade alsa-lib" and select, is shouldn't matter if it's cached or not. If you get an error about files being owned by alsa-topology-conf, simply sudo rm them and downgrade should function without issue and give you back mic functionality.

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archlinux bug report 23 November 2019 - FS#64625 - [alsa-lib 1.2.1] UCM files have disappeared

The ALSA 1.21 release [1] split UCM and toplogy from alsa-lib into separate BSD licensed packages alsa-ucm-conf and alsa-topology-conf

new package alsa-ucm-conf has Use Case Manager profiles located in folder /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/
(previous location was /usr/share/alsa/ucm/)

solution suggested in Arch forum was to rebuild alsa-ucm-conf and alsa-topology - New alsa-lib and missing UCM

patched package versions were in penultimate Manjaro update

alsa-ucm-conf              extra 
alsa-topology-conf                 1.2.1-1    extra 
alsa-lib                   extra

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