Sound in Windows not working after installing Manjaro alongside it on Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

I’ve recently installed Manjaro KDE on my Legion 5 Pro laptop alongside my existing Windows 11 installation. Everything is working fine, except display brightness, but that’s a known issue on this laptop.

Unfortunately, I’ve run into a more serious problem when trying to boot back to the Windows install. I don’t have sound, neither from speakers nor from headphones. When I try to test the sound in control panel, it just says the test failed. Reinstalling the Realtek driver also did not fix it. Headphones don’t even register as being plugged in. Everything worked well before installing Manjaro.

Do you know what might be causing it?
Thank you

EDIT: It started working after installing all optional updates under Windows Update. Don’t think it was just a coincidence that it stopped working after installing the Linux though. Nevertheless, it’s working on both systems now.

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Personally i think it is. I don’t see why installing Linux would affect Windows drivers/software…