Sound distortion simultaneous sound option

okay I was trying to get the logitech h600 usb gizmo to see my h800 headphones and i got a new setting in my sound menu to simultaneous send sound to both the h600 and analog stereo output. also send sound to h600 alone.trouble is that the sound is now distorted in the laptop speakers and the sound gets stuck on simultaneous output if used. and I suspect is simultaneous sound is stuck on. removing the h600 dongle removes the send sound to h600 dongle option but not the simultaneous option.
output to BT headphones via bluetooth is normal undistorted sound.
how do remove simultaneous sound from the sound menu. i have removed pulseaudio and reinstalled along with plasma-pa but the simultaneous option is still there and although not showing as selected there is still distortion.

I suggest you use this command to check if module-combine-sink or module-combine are loaded in PulseAudio

pactl list short sinks | grep module-combine

(module-combine has been deprecated and should have been replaced with module-combine-sink)

Unticking the option for Simultaneous Output in KDE audio settings may not be unloading the PulseAudio module, or possibly not removing a configuration change

The module can be unloaded with this command

pacmd unload-module module-combine-sink

But it may be reloaded again when system is restarted
If the module is reloaded, check if a configuration change in user home folder
has been created to load the module

grep combine ~/.config/pulse/

thanks i reinstalled pulseaudio and that fixed everything except the speaker that blew using 150% audio. grrr.