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Hi all,

I'm looking for a way to sort all the photos I have made with my iPhone over the past year, either by time (when was the picture taken) and geolocation. Person would be nice too, but that can be a little hard to come by.

Is there any software that would help me in this task? Otherwise I'm not sure how to get the information from the meta data and sort them with help of a little scripting (which I'm only dabbling with tbh).


I really like Amok Exif Sorter. It's not available in the repositories or AUR, but it's a simple Java application you can run straight from your home folder.

In the repositories you can find Rapid Photo Downloader and that also does the trick very well.

I like Amok Exif Sorter better, because the interface is simpler and more straightforward. Rapid Photo Downloader will make you hunt for the options you need in renaming files and you will have to change settings in different places. But once you know how it works, it's pretty good too.

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It depends what you are trying to do, exactly.

Rapid Photo Downloader is what I use to take my photos off my device or memory card. It can create folders and organize photos by the metadata.

That being said, I prefer to manage my photos not by storage but via tags in a database so I can find them easily. For this you might look at something like Digikam.(If you aren't using kde you can use the official appimage to avoid installing a ton of dependencies)

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What DE are you using? There are plenty programs for this.
On Gnome I use gThumb, there is an option sort by date taken. If you are on KDE there is digikam
for more options

I'm using KDE.

dalto also mentioned Digikam. Will try that.

Thanks a lot.

Hard to say. I just want to organize the photos in a way, that I have some overview. The automatic part is only the start so I don't have to sort all photos manually.

I've installed both programs and will see which one suites my needs to most.

@dalto: I'm getting an error trying to start Rapid:

The 'babel' distribution was not found and is required by rapid-photo-downloader


Which version of rapid-photo-downloader did you install? What does this show?

pacman -Qs rapid-photo

Did you update your system before you installed it? If not, update, reboot and try again.


local/rapid-photo-downloader-bzr 0.9.24.r1266-1
Photo and video downloader

System was up to date at that time. No clue why.

That is an AUR package which builds the latest code.

Try using the normal package from the repos, which is called rapid-photo-downloader


Please don't ask my why I have installed something from AUR, when there is an official source... :roll_eyes:
Silly me.

It now works as designed.

Thanks a lot!

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Since I use ranger for picture viewing and only date sorting option was by modify date I was looking for solution how to sort them by creation date. I found exiv2 program what can rename the pictures by its date and time taken.
First go to the folder with pictures

cd /home/NAME/Pictures/


exiv2 -t 0x9003 *

this is how it looks like
if you have two photos taken at the same minute it will ask you what to do just write r as rename and there will be another picture with this name 20081227_121437_1
then sort it by name which is default in most file managers or viewers

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