Soquartz-CM4 image for Quartz64-A hardware


I downloaded latest minimal testing image for soquartz-cm4 and it doesn’t boot because it is configured for Quartz-B hardware. I thought all soquartz boards are Quartz64-A (including my board).

Therefore, is there a latest Quartz64-A soquartz-cm4 image somewhere I could download, or perhaps I can build it myself if there are some instructions I could be pointed to?

There are 3 different devices in your post.

  1. SoQuartz-cm4, which is a module for a baseboard
  2. Quartz64-A, which is the model A size of the Quartz64
  3. Quartz64-B, which is the model B sized (also known as Raspberry Pi size) of the Quartz64.

So which of those 3 do you actually have?
If you have the soquartz, you should use the images for the SoQuartz-CM4. We only have Dev images available for this platform, so it’s not guaranteed to work, especially since I don’t have a device to test it on.

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I have a soquartz cm4. That’s why I downloaded soquartz build image.

That image does not boot. It starts booting which I can see on the serial console, but then crashes. One of the messages it displays before it crashes mentions running on Quartz64 - B.

Based on this I believe u-boot within that image appears to have been configured for Quartz64 - B despite the file in manjaro arm profiles mentioning `uboot-soquartz-cm4’

I know Quartz64-A is a different hardware, but u-boot configured for Quartz64-A at least manages to boot and load the kernel on soquartz. While it appears u-boot configured for Quartz64-B crashes before it can load the kernel.

So my question is, has anyone ever managed to boot manjaro Linux on soquartz and if yes, which release and image version was used? Also, did Ethernet work(as in actually work, not just showing link state changes, but sending and receiving data).

@spikerguy, you have the SoQuartz64, does the recent Dev images work on it still?

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will have to test it tomorrow.

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Hi , I installed the latest image of manjaro arm for soquarzt-cm4 and it booted normally but the os couldn’t recognize the wifi card of the module and there wasn’t no physical interface shown in iw dev .

I’m not sure Wifi/bt is enabled in the DTS yet.

How can i enable it is there any configuration on the boot folder ?

Hi again i want to use the soquartz pine64 with a raspberry pi compute module 4 that requires to add this line dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host on /boot/config.txt in raspberry os / ubuntu , because by default usb ports are disabled i was wondering where can i add this in manjaro so it works as well ?

I don’t understand this part. The SoQuartz is a module and the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 is also a module. You need 1 module and one baseboard.

Hi i am using the raspberry pi 4 compute module IO board to test the soquartz and the manjaro image works but the usb ports for the IO board are disabled by default and whatever device i plug it doesn’t show anything on lsusb . Because of that i read at the raspberry pi doc that the line dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host needs to be added in order to enable the usb ports in my IO board but i dont know where to add this configuration on manjaro .

In doing some research it appears that soquartz module was designed to work with the cm4 I/O board but support may be lacking as for assorted things to work. I found no info on setting up your specific configuration other than some general soquartz release info.

The dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host setting in /boot/config.txt is for use using the RPi kernel and most likely the RPi specific cm4 .dtb, bootloader and kernel files are all tied in to make things work. The soquartz uses the upstream kernel and it does not provide overlays like the RPi kernel so you do not have a dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host overlay to load.

After Thought:

I do see a rk3566-soquartz-cm4.dtb in /boot/dtbs/rockchip/ in my pi4 upstream-next (kernel 5.20 in progress) install. I do not know what kernel that was added but are you loading that in your uboot?

Hi i am using 5.19.0-rc1-0.5-MANJARO-ARM-Q64 kernel and i was passing the arguments at /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf .

These are rpi specific argument so not compatible with extlinux.conf

You need to use FDTOVERLAY something like that.
Plus you need to have the overlay dtbo in place.

Which we do not have.
I don’t think we have Cm4 carrier board support with rk356x module.

Could you paste your boot messages(dmesg) here, please? Also, which exact image was it?

Perhaps there are different versions of soquartz hardware. There is no way the image I tried(date mentioned in previous post) could boot on soquartz I have due to it using a Quartz64-B defconfig.