Sometimes we all have tunnel vision

This post is inspired by this thread Manjaro is refusing to read a HDD of mine causing the system to hang up; it runs fine in a live USB session

For the last 5 years i have ranted about the manjaro installer taking up-to 45 mins to install Grub I came to this conclusion because no other installer ever had a problem installing grub sound convincing did to me. Just to get into perspective I have 6 drives all with a OS on them.

About 8 weeks ago i was very bored so I decided to install Hackintosh i Installed it fine due to the excellent documentation so far so good.

After booting a few times and getting a warning about a "corrupted disk" the message it went away great i thought till i went to boot windows the partition was unreadable so i blame Hackintosh as you do.

By chance I happened to read that Mac will make any NTFS partition with corruption unreadable till You cfdisk the drive in windows to correct errors and repair so i did this, it was not successful so i decided to bite the bullet and wipe win10 then did a disk check again. labeled the partition, booted mac the partition was back and readable well that was fine and dandy i thought.

Fast forward a week i wanted to test the latest Artix Mate install calaramas installer went fine then it got to install grub well stone me it installed in 3 mins since then i have tried a few more distros with calaramas they all installed grub in about 3 mins.

So for 5 years I blamed the installer when in fact it was nothing to do with the installer.
It was in fact windows that caused the corruption.

Now i realize how easy it is to get tunnel vision and blatantly lay blame, it is so easy how did i never see this before simple grub installed fine with any other installer, but never showed up only in Calamares and diagnosed by Hackintosh.

Anybody got a similar story to tell

It was a corrupted Windows partition that seemed to work fine.


As someone who uses to repair computers (sometimes with a soldering iron)...this is about someone else not me :wink: . Oh all right I have ignored signs of a failing drive as in, I'll get around to checking it...but should be good for never ends well.


Isn't the answer to every problem with a Linux system, WIPE WINDOWS? :thinking:


I've got brown eyes. But I've always been a little jealous of green-eyed people.

Until one day the optometrist said, "Looks as if you have a little 'mud' in your green eyes." I said, "What do you mean? I have brown eyes. I've had brown eyes all my life."

He said, "Look a little closer in the mirror." And, son of a gun, I've got green eyes.

Never, not once did I think otherwise. In normal light at a few arms lengths--like at a dressing mirror--they do, in fact, look brown. So whenever asked--like on driver's licenses--I've always written brown. But had never looked close enough. For 30+ years I lived under a false assumption.

My wife might be able to tell you about a few other false assumptions I may have made over the years, but I can't think of any. :wink:


Not sure if windows CAUSED the corruption, or if windows got corrupted. I mean it's semantics but to me a botched update or a power outage (hard reset or blackout doesn't matter) at exactly the wrong point is not Window's fault, per se.

But yes, I agree.

As for similar stories? Not one that has gone on for five years, but just note my posts from saturday night where I blamed an update for pacman-mirrors not working correctly when I had forgotten the magic word. As in "sudo". :smiley:

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Do you Know my wife says she has brown eyes and black hair, her hair is actually very very dark read it only shows in bright sunlight in the highlights and when i look very closely dark green in the eyes.

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lol! It was the opposite with my mother. She apparently has green eyes, until the optometrist saw she actually has (very)light-brown eyes.

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i thought for a while that i was 5'4" because i was two inches taller than my mother and she kept claiming to be 5'2". ...she'd shrunk.


@mandog I had problem with grub+windows on my USB flash drive install. It took ages during every update. I always blaimed it to slow read/write speed of the USB. Disabling grub_os_prober pretty much solved the problem.

But have you ever try to fix drivers when the real reason is a hardware issue? It is difficult to debug.
I had this problem with an extermal HDD (some 1TB 7200RPM drive with an external power source and USB data connection). On my laptop it was working without any problem but when I tried it with a desktop computer it was making odd clicking noise every 5 second.

I checked all the drivers, some USB port handling, etc. But I couldn't find any problem.

Interesting thing, I found out was that the drive's powersource was shorted with some fungus that decided to grow inside (not outside). It shorted the power source and it showed around 70 V difference to ground (without load) but a standard 12 V between + and - so the drive worked.
I discovered this when I was holding the connector and it felt hot.
So when I connected the drive to the desktop's case it was grounded and it just overloaded the power source and the drive was resetting. But the overload was not too fast that it could blow the fuses. That was probably some "voltage regulating fungus" :grinning:
So a simple hardware problem and I blamed the software.


Those having slow update-grub, including at installation, check if other OS's have lsb-release. Arch and antergos are known not to have them

Oh, green eyes? And blue, just a matter of recessive genes.

Tunnel vision? Definitely.

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Well yes that was the 1st thing years ago, In my case it was corruption of Windows partition.
And I thank Apple for finding it as it had been their from the day i installed windows on a new 2tb drive partition size 250gb. Win10 is no more, Win7 on notebook is no more

Watch it I've got bright blue eyes but none of my children lol People here in Peru are fascinated with my eyes.

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My favorite example of tunnel vision happens on networking threads all the time. I hear this stupidity way to regularly:

"It works on Windows so it must be Manjaro's fault".

Whenever I suggest they troubleshoot the hardware involved they throw that at me. It makes me crazy, Linux may react differently to the hardware setup than Window, but people just cannot grasp this.

Whenever I suggest to change the cable on a LAN problem I get "It can't be that because it works in Windows". It's next to impossible to get them to believe that the Linux driver may not have the fault tolerance of the Windows equivalent.

Same with routers, "it can't be my router cause it works in Windows". They just can't grasp that Linux may react differently than Windows to some hardware and settings.


You are spot on to coin A Apple phrase "Linux is not Windows" just because something works in windows, does not mean it will work in Linux.

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But if they say it works in windows, we should expect it is not a hardware problem and that's fair.

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Not really just a few weeks ago I bought a Bluetooth dongle Win certified for a notebook win7-win10 I don't know about win10 but as soon a pluged all I got was the blue screen so i installed the win7 drivers again blue screen the dongle states certified win7, Linux plugin works like a dreamout the box both gnome systemd kde openrc, and Mac. Notebook with now Linux Bunsen Labs again fine, so what does that hint at. "Linux is not windows", I have the same with a windows wifi dongle non working in windows out the box, Linux, Mac.

Nope, you are rarely wrong @gohlip, but on this you are doing a great disservice by perpetuating this attitude.

A network cable that may be only a little substandard works on Windows, but fails on Linux. That's still a hardware issue to my mind. The fact that the cable works on Windows is irrelevant.

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Understaood. A certain hardware like your dongle may not have linux driver for it. like some bluetooth or network cards. Correct. Understand. The hardware is fine. Just that there may not have linux drivers for it.

No dispute, no argument.

[EDIT] - Your 'works in linux, not in windows situation.
Yup..good point. some hardware works off linux plug and play but requires windows drivers to be installed. I get that and I agree. But admittedly windows 8 and above gets better with plug and play. It is the earlier windows versions that makes linux look so good.

Ohh.. I see tbg chimed in. Still applies, right?

Better late than never. :wink:


Another example: