Something's weird with the system partitions happening!

Hello my friends!!!

Something’s happening with my system’s partitions!!!
It shows a fat32 partition without having any connected one on it!!!(I have only a wifi card connected)
And second the primary partition shows something’s of the timeshift application!!! Maybe that one is normal because is creating backups and saves them!!( I mean for the ext4 one)
I taken and a screenshot to check it and yourself!!!
Thank you!!!

I’m not sure what you are implying by “a connection on it”, but that FAT32 partition is your UEFI system partition. It is used for storing the boot loader, and it is there that your UEFI looks for the bootloader(s).

There’s no point in having timeshift create backups on the same drive, let alone on the same partition. If the disk fails, you will not only lose your data but also its backups. All you’re doing with the current setup is fill up your root partition with duplicate files. You need to store your backups on a separate drive.


This is your EFI boot partition.

The second (sda2) is your root partition, can’t comment on Timeshift as I don’t use it. Everything looks fine to me.

For comparison here is my setup:

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That means that everythings fine right???

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Yes, everything is fine, but you should get a second drive — even if it’s a USB-connected drive — for backing up with timeshift.

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Yeah!!! I know!! :wink:

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