Some system tray Icons Disappear on Gnome

After waking up from sleep; the system tray icons of : Google Chrome, Ferdi disappear. But the icon of Caffeine still remains…

Are you using X11 or Wayland ?
To know, just run this command from terminal:

here is the output


Same problem here. All icons seem to be missing with me. I’m running x11 as well.

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Same problem here, only the sound icon is left.
But I’m on XFCE.

I’ve personally deleted :


And rebooted, this fixed the problem (at the cost of returning to default xfce layout).
I guess you could also copy the folder from a fresh install or maybe a new user to regain the starting manjaro layout.

is there any help please??

Hi to all.

Tell me, please, how to fix the problem with displaying application icons? I have a problem with displaying the icons of the following applications: CopyQ and Flameshot. I wanted to attach a screenshot to my message, but I see a limitation for my account.