Some services not starting at boot

I will blame myself for stupidity although I am not sure what I did or did not do.
There are three services that are not loading at boot correctly.
They are all enabled and when I start them manually they all work correctly.
The problem is in each case they are not loading at all or if they are not loading properly.
I do not know what order systemd-homed needs to start in, but I do know that foldingathome-nvidia.service needs to load before foldingathome.service. I do not know what commands I need to give to ensure they get started.

see this

Set foldingathome.service to load only when foldingathome-nvidia.service has started.
Found where the foldingathome.service file was located in /etc/systemd/system/ then added the [Unit] section.
This should work for any services that require something else loaded beforehand.
Thanxs stephane for pointing me in the right direction.

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