Some recent visual bugs after format and update (explicity after update)

The loading of plasma after loading its glitched and until the screen appears appear some weird things but thats it, dont change at all after loading everything. Im just worried if its just okay and wait next update or its just a some bad signal of something more deep.

In the end its just weird glitched screens in the logging, but the pc and the normal use its fine.

Could you elaborate on that please? Are you getting text scrolling up the screen (normal if you have removed e.g. “quiet” and “splash” from the Grub boot options in /etc/default/grub) or is it some graphical corruption?

In any case, if the system works normally when you have logged in, it’s probably (at least hopefully) nothing to be too concerned about.

If you mean the splash screen animation is a little broken - then it is known and posted about here somewhere. Its a bug that will be addressed in coming updates.

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Thx its this! I solved by using a community screen loading.

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