Some questions on how panel & stalonetray works in/for bspwm


While i tried to configure stalonetray in a way that it forced any pulled in icons to respect the maximum height i discovered, that, when stalonetray wasn’t loaded, the upper border of the bspwm windows neither do leave a gap between panel and window, nor they respect the panel (indeed they overlap it). With stalonetray started, all is fine. Why that?

And trying to find out, i was asking myself, how mylime and ~/.limepanelrc work together:

Is it that mylime pulls in the settings in .limepanelrc ? I think so … But this means, that some settings, like the format of the date e.g., have to be changed in mylime - which in some way, is a bit incoherent: It would be better if that would be done via Menu -> Settings -> Panel Settings (which opens and edits, eventually, .limepanelrc). At least, i do not see any option in .limepanelrc. If i am right, this would be a feature request for some future upgrade - if it is doable … (@Chrysostomus: Absolutely no criticism here, i’m amazed by your bspwm setup and very thankful for it!).


Yes, unless you told it not to. Mylime is your own script.

This is by design

I don’t know about this. Check mylime and bspwmrc for possible causes.


Found it: inspwmrc the panel height was 25 (which is, as ipresume, the space to leave free on top) and in limepanelrc 30. Thanks for the hint!

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