Some programs take 28 seconds to display a window

Since the last pacman -Syu, some programs (Firefox, gnome-calculator, thunderbird, pamac) take 28 seconds (I timed it) to display a window, even though a process appears immediately in htop (with 0 cpu usage). Other applications (Mousepad, sublime text, thunar) display within milliseconds (though not instantly). What the hell is it doing in the background? Nothing shows up in journalctl.

Given that my system resource usage is pretty low, I can’t figure out anything obvious. This shouldn’t be happening.

Note: once a firefox window “exists”, opening a new window doesn’t take 28 seconds but is almost instant.

this is a already known problem and the solution is described in the realated thread of the stable update. check them and you’ll find your solution.

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Hi @asdfasdf, and welcome!

If you read the update anouncements, you’d have noticed:

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Thanks, this substantially improved the situation from 28 seconds to 3 seconds for gnome-calcutator to start up.

This still seems a bit excessive for a calculator, or is gnome just slow software?

I see now, I wasn’t aware that manjaro published that.


I use KDE, so don’t know and don’t really care, to be honest. :wink:

Keep an eye on the Announcements section for your branch.

Just a note that as soon as you start a program it will show in htop. Has nothing to do with how long it takes to open, just that the process is running, albeit very slowly.

It is a simple alphabetical issue with the package manager. gnome comes before gtk and the gnome package depends on gtk. even on KDE the gnome package might be installed as it is before kde :small_airplane:

this seems to be really useful for this. @asdfasdf maybe a good idea to mark this as the solution.

Well … that is until each profile started coming with its intended portal.