Some problem creating a bootable usb


I have been trying to create a bootable usb for Manjaro KDE lastest stable version for 3 hours now. :confused:
I tried with 2 different sticks, a 2.0 and a 3.0.
I used Win32ImageWriter, Etcher, Rufus, and I redownloaded 2 times the distro, but I always end up with a usb stick with a 4mb partition with /efi/boot/bootx64.efi and nothing else. The rest of the free space is not allocated / not formatted.

Sooo naturally, I can’t boot on anything when my computer starts ^^’
I’m on Windows 10, clean install.

If anyone has anything to help me, it would be nice :slight_smile:



Did you use Rufus in DD mode, if not do that.

PS. There is no such thing as a clean install of Win10. It’s always going to dirty your hard drive.


This is good advice.

Also, it is worth noting that properly created manjaro media can’t be read by Windows.


Thanks for your answer.
Yes, I used to DD mode in Rufus.


Thank you for your answer.
Probably, but it doesn’t even boot when the computer starts (my boot order is fine).


Do you have a DVD drive on this computer. If so, burn a DVD of the ISO instead.


I do have a DVD Drive, but I don’t have any disk for the moment ^^


Are you sure you don’t have at least one re-writable DVD somewhere with stuff already burnt on it.


I’m 100% sure, I have never used a single DVD of my life :joy:
But my father surely has that, I’ll check tomorrow with him :wink:


Now I know you must be young I’ve probably burnt a thousand between CD’s and DVD’s. Be thankful you didn’t have to start that way. A rewritable DVD was like $25 for a single when they came out back in the day.


use a disk/partition utility and format the entire usb stick, not just a partition which is what i believe windows will do if you just right click and format. format it to fat/fat32, not ntfs. then open etcher(incredibly simple and ive yet to see it fail at anything ive used it for), select iso, usb should be seen automatically, if not select it and burn. etcher will write and verify when its done so if it says it finished without errors i would bet on it being properly written properly.

i assume you know how to disable secure boot in bios? needs to be done if its not already.
do you know how to access your boot selection menu at startup? (not the boot order in bios)
if the usb is not seen as a boot device, try moving it to a different usb port, this does matter sometimes, my kids lappy’s act this way. they will only recognize a bootable usb if its plugged into a usb2.0 , why? no idea.


Dglt is spot on about the formatting procedure. However, I have read that rufus in dd mode may be preferable to use rather than etcher on Windows machines. This is not from personal experience, as I only use Linux (and etcher works flawlessly in Linux).


i think its a preference thing, i dont even think ive used rufus before but i know its a popular option. i always used etcher in windows or linux and never failed to do the job, i dont even remember what i used before i found etcher. either way from what ive seen you cant go wrong with using rufus(dd mode) or etcher.


I don’t use any programs. I do command line :wink:
sudo dd bs=4M if=img.iso of=/dev/sdX


He’s on Windows , so I don’t know if that’s an option these days. I hear windows does support bash commands now, but I assume you would need to add that capability yourself.


Yeah, I’m 19 :joy:
That was very expensive :o


The utility always format all the disk, but sadly, I always end up with an error. Etcher said something like “(hex code) =! (hex code) in sector X”.
Secure boot is disabled on my machine.
I think I don’t know what is the boot selection at startup. I’m on a laptop, I don’t know if it matters.
So I only have 3.0 USB slots ^^


Yes, Windows supports bash commands, you just need to activate few parameters, and you are done.
I will try the command lines, since I don’t have many options left ^^


Hello again,
I can’t use the linux subsystem to burn the usb :confused:
Same problem as mentionned here :


Sounds like a faulty USB key, can you try another one ?