some package released 20190709 breaks wifi on Rock Pi 4

After updating today and a reboot, my wifi only stays connected for like 15 minutes then the whole connection is dead.

Not really Manjaro ARM related since others experienced the same thing on their pcs, but it happened to my rock pi 4b today, and I come here to warn you guys.

I've tried downgrading to linux-firmware-20190618 but had some issue with booting into a white screen instead of regular lxqt desktop (okay the white screen thing is irrelavent because I removed the xf86-video-fbturbo package by mistake). Didn't work, wifi still go down after a while.

Reverting from linux-aarch64 (5.2.0-1) to linux-aarch64-rc (5.2.0-rc7-4) seems to be working so far.

Wifi on the Rock Pi 4 is not provided by linux-firmware.