Some of the fonts are black


I installed the Manjaro KDE about a year ago. Just after installing I noticed that some fonts are black (with the blackBreath 2 theme) what makes them unreadable.

Does anyone know how to customize text color? And the color of which parameter should be set (standard Breath2 color pallet)?

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Hi @Pjexaf,

I’m not 100% sure from you screenshot. But this is what I think is happening here.

There are 2 kinds of themes: QT (for KDE) and GTK (for Gnome). GTK theemes don’t work on QT apps and neither do QT themes work on GTK apps. Oh sure, there might be some overlap sometimes, but it’s not the complete theme.

And this is what I think is happening here. I think it’s a theme difference. Ensure in System settingsAppearanceApplication style that you have the theme you wish set. And then, you’ll notice a button at the bottom, Configure GNOME/GTK Application style. Click on that, and set the theme for GTK applications.

Afterward, OK & Apply your way back to the desktop.
(Or that’s what I suspect’s necessary anyway.)

Thanks for your reply,
On the screenshot the standard Plasma QT application (Configure audio volume).
GTK apps looks Ok, but some QT apps have a black fonts for some reasons.

Try with another theme, then. The theme might be, I don’t know - just guessing here, incomplete. So a natural next step in troubleshooting is seeing if it’s the same with another theme or not. Eliminating variables to narrow down what’s causing it.

This is definitely a good idea.
Just tried Breeze Dark and Oxygen theme, thats how it’s looks like:
Again Breath 2, it’s how my Audio settings and KDE settings looks like:

Breeze Dark:


Seems we can say that the font color uses not from KDE themes or all themes are damaged.
Do you have an idea how to investigate further?

Sadly none. All I can offer you is mine, which has no problems the I know of at the moment:

  • ApperanceGlobal theme: Arc dark
  • AppearancePlasma style: Arc dark
  • AppearanceApplication styleApplication style: Oxygen
    • AppearanceApplication styleApplication style → Click Configure GNOME/GTK Application style: Breath-Dark`
  • AppearanceApplication styleWindow decorations: Dark-Translucent

That’s my setup, and I’m more than happy with it. Give it a go, if you’d like. Where the styles/themes are missing, use the built in functionality to search for and install it.

Hope it helps.

Arc Plasma Style ( GitHub - PapirusDevelopmentTeam/arc-kde: Arc KDE customization )
didn’t help :frowning: