Some Manjaro web pages are inactive?


After two years is still up and does not clearly redirect to, as reported in this topic it isn’t a great choice to have two active websites.

Also, is still active but there isn’t a link to it from, is it still maintained? After one year of activity does it deserve to exist or not? Only the team can answer, because it is a “private” ticket platform.

I noticed that the News section at has been inactive in the last month, is it because of the new website at Or the forum has become the only source of Manjaro news?


It is probably a combination of several issues which is causing the online representation to be in some kind of still water.

I am sure the situation will resolve when the work on the new website is done.

Remember - we are all volunteers - no one is getting paid and they have lives to live.


Need a helping hand with some of Manjaro’s web projects?


Please do chime in below and ask what you can help with


I know it, I am also a “volunteer” providing support on the Italian forum and reporting Manjaro problems in this forum, for example in this topic.
I hope this is of some help.


I found some time to update our news page. Took me one hour.


I wonder if the new homepage (it is very nicely designed, BTW) will be static? I mean, the content would be updated only via gitlab commits @philm?


As far as I can tell, yes it will be a static site. And from my experience, it’s the right and actually only sane choice.

Yes and no. Yes, the single source of truth is the git repo. How you get the changes into this repo is a different story. There are services and tools available to help non-technical users to manage static websites without understanding how to commit to a git repo. There are a lot of moving parts in this field, so there isn’t a “gold standard” yet. But we will get there eventually.