Some lag in fresh install

First of all, sorry for any english mistakes.

I’m new to manjaro and recently installed the KDE Plasma flavour. Everything seems fine except for two things:

At boot, some strange things happen, like the cursor appearing while the “/dev/sda3” message is still there, and the boot itself is kinda slow, but maybe it’s just the speed it’s supposed to be, idk actually (I could record my screen during boot if this helps)

And KDE Plasma is a bit laggy when interacting with the DE, like moving windows quickly through the screen. I’m currently using the proprietary nvidia drivers, could this be a problem? And if so, can I still change it without reinstalling the whole OS?

Thanks in advance for anyone who tries to help me!

Check this guide, .
I basically follow it, but I personally leave Allow Flipping enabled, and not use Force Composition Pipeline option, and leave Compositor- Latency as default. Force Composition Pipeline cause idle GPU usage higher than normal, but it did keep fps steady when animation happens.

You can enable Desktop Effects → Show FPS to monitor if there are frame drops.

HUGE THANKS! That was a great guide, sorry for the probably dumb question

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