Some KDE desktop elements do not increase size after a font scaling or screen scaling is increased

When setting the force font dpi to 120 or higher or increasing the screen scale, some elements of the KDE desktop do not increase size like the battery information on the status and notifications section and the the text below the icons at the bottom of the default application launcher as shown in the screenshot below

And the application launcher icon does not increase size when the panel width is increased in the breath theme but with other themes like breeze and arc dark the launcher icon increases in size as usual

Did you reboot, or at least did a log out - log in to refresh everything?

Already tried rebooting or logging out then logging in but the issue is not fixed

It's not the solution, I know that, but what I did to get larger icons in the lower right corner is to place these icons individually on the panel, not as one large icon set.
You can find them when you place new widgets on desktop or panel.

Have you seen the wiki?

Already read the wiki some weeks ago and set the Force font dpi to 120 for a 1.25x scaling as recommended in the wiki. Will adding the line GDK_SCALE=1.25 in the /etc/environment file scale the rest of the desktop that does not scale when force font dpi is used or is it just for GTK apps?

GDK_SCALE is only for gtk applications.

The last line under that though is:

If you feel that icons need some resizing as well then you can use System Settings:

System Settings -> Icons -> Configure Icon Sizes

Whereas the icon for the Application launcher is set in its own settings (right click it)

The application launcher settings does not have the option to set its size or enable it to size automatically when the panel height is increased. When I change the theme to breeze, the KDE default application launcher icon increases size when the panel height is increased.

Yes things like 'padding' are part of your desktop theme.

Is there a way to increase the size of the battery information text and the text of the five icons at the bottom of the launcher menu? This issue only occurs in Manjaro KDE. In Kubuntu, KDE neon which I have tested does not have this problem, all text and icons of the KDE desktop scale well when Force font dpi of 120 (1.25x) or higher is used.

I honestly have no idea how you even got it to be double-stacked like yours is... mine just scales with the panel ...

I only set the font dpi to 120 and font anti-aliasing settings, no other changes to the desktop appearance and I did not use screen scaling because of the issues caused by it. Could this issue be an xf86-video-intel (nvidia bumblebee requires this) driver issue because I tested KDE neon which did not use this driver and when I set the font dpi, the top part of the texts of some interfaces were cropped off when NVIDIA graphics is used, to resolve this, I used nvidia prime to switch to power saving intel graphics

I dont know - if I were you might try to go track down that. But int he meantime I found a funny workaround to double the zie of the items...


in ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc
on a new line in a [Containments] section that includes extraItems



[you can then restart plasma to check with kquitapp5 plasmashell && kstart5 plasmashell]

EDIT - haha, afterwards I found this in the forums:


This issue does not occur in Arch Linux with KDE plasma desktop. The battery information text and the text of the five icons at the bottom of the launcher menu is scaled well according to font dpi in Arch. Screenshot of Arch with KDE plasma 5.16.4 with force font dpi set to 120 on a 15.6 inch 1080p screen:

If one compares the two screenshots, noticable differences with text scaling is can be seen

I notice they are different themes ... maybe try checking that ?

Changed Manjaro KDE theme to Breeze but there is no change in the size of text. I have drawn black outlined rectangles on Manjaro KDE breeze theme and the Arch Linux default KDE breeze theme on the areas where the text size is smaller in Manjaro after setting the font dpi of both Manjaro KDE and Arch Linux with KDE desktop to 120. In Manjaro KDE the text in these rectangles are smaller as illustrated in the below screenshot:

while Arch Linux with KDE scales the text within the rectangles correctly as illustrated in the screenshot below: