(Some?) FN keys not sending any output

This may seem somewhat trivial at first glance but its given me quite a headache.
I've managed to set up Manjaro and made everything work except for some FN keys - I own a Legion Y530, so a Lenovo that has these somewhat exotic key mappings which go as follows:
Volume buttons, Brightness buttons and the Display mode button- all perfectly functional with Fn held down
Mic toggle, Touchpad toggle, Media controls - all existing in the Plasma keyboard shortcuts settings, none of them working or actually sending any output
Airplane mode toggle, Open settings, Camera toggle - neither working or existing in the Plasma shortcuts

Does anyone has any idea how to get all of them working, or at least those which are already mapped in the keyboard shortcuts settings?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I would say - if the shortcuts is not working with Plasma KDE remove them from KDE config and use the native Fn+key

Still not working

Most likely it won't work until its support will be added to kernel. Someone should write a driver as I think. I had pretty much the same situation with only one keyboard key until recently when a patch enabling Xiaomi wmi driver has been added to Linux 5.3.

my lenovo flex 14, the fn keys also doesn' work too, even with latest kernel... thanks

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