Some file managers does not remember per-folder display/layout choice (thumbnails, details list...)

Hello, i have checked several file managers in regards to how good these are to remember display layout for various folders (detailed list, thumbnails…):

Manjaro Linux, XFCE:

Dolphin (optional checkbox on main tab of the Settings to remember display layout for each folder, no inherit parent folder - have to set layout for each folder :-/)
Nautilus (do not remember anything+no setting found, have to constantly change layout)
Nemo (by default remembers defined layout and has option to inherit layout from parent folder, see no way to define default thumbnail size - original is too small so have to resize for each folder)
Thunar (does not remember layout, have to constantly change it)
… not sure if there is any other that is good??

Dolphin seems to be the best of the tested file managers in terms of preserving custom layout. Nemo not bad. Note that the Dolphin loading items significantly (maybe 35%) faster than Nemo. Nemo does not sort properly, because _ prefixed items are not first and do not see way to change this.

Trying to change default file manager via command line:
sed -i “s|Thunar|Dolphin|g” ~/.config/xfce4/helpers.rc
though it still opens doublecmd

Changging the file manager…

change file manager from the terminal

Check in ~ /.config /mimeapps.list
at the end add

[Removed Associations]

What worked to replace file manager by different one (in my case i wanted to use Dolphin) on Linux with XFCE was to run command:

xdg-mime default org.kde.dolphin.desktop inode/directory;exo-preferred-applications

and select the manager there