Some doubts about manjaro-tools and buildiso

I’ve been thinking about make a live iso of my current installed system. After reading the wiki I’m still have some doubts.

  1. I’m really need to copy my home folders and files to the skel folder or I can symlink them
  2. I want to add kernel 5.8 but I’m not sure how


I have never used it to reccreate my current system so not sure on the files in home. My first thought is yes, anything to be put in /home should be under skel.

For choosing a kernel see the conf file.

manjaro-tools.conf is the central configuration file for all tools part of manjaro-tools. Only edit the general and the “buildiso” part to not exceed the scope of this tutorial. If you are not sure what and how to edit it, do not edit it. You can always use arguments with the buildiso command later.

By default, the systemwide config file is installed in


Best practice is to leave the systemwide file untouched and copy the system wide config to your home directory here:


If the userconfig is present, manjaro-tools/buildiso will load the userconfig values, however, if variables have been set in the systemwide config file, these values take precedence over the userconfig. Best practice is to leave the systemwide file untouched. By default it is commented and shows just initialization values done in code.

Thanks for you rapid response!!
I’ll take a look at that link

This might be useful as well, depending on you set of pkgs

Thanks!! that would be useful too.

Sorry if I am wrong to hitch a ride on this topic, but for not having to open one with the same content and because it is open to dialogue. I thought about being able to use it, because my case is very similar.

I created an ISO LXQt with manjaro-tools, but the ISO was created with the linux54 kernel.

So reading here, I copied the /etc/manjaro-tools/manjaro-tools.conf file to ~ / .config / manjaro-tools. Now the question, in the file I found the following:

# unset defaults to given value
# kernel="linux54"

In the file you can see the settings, but they all have hashes #

Is it there that I have to make my changes so that when I generate an ISO of manjaro lxqt it comes with my current kernel? That is, linux511

I’m sorry if I was wrong to revive this topic, but I understood that it would be another topic.

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