Some crazy keyboard lag recently

For thhe last ddaaayy or so, aving crazy keyboard isssues.
As you caan ssee, some letters get duplicated and others just get delayed…

Where do I start?

Wired or WiFi connection? If WiFi, have you tried a new battery? If WiFi, can you try moving your keyboard closer to the dongle? Does this apply to all keyboard entry or just some program interfaces? Have you done any updates/upgrades that might be related to the change? Whether wired or WiFi, can you try a different port? Can you try booting from a USB stick; if the problem persists when running on a USB stick operating system, the problem is hardware based. If not, it is operating system based.

Had this with my keycool 84 through bluetooth connection. What’s difficult, is that it doesn’t always happen and I can’t even find out what triggers it when it happens. It just happens so randomly and gets fixed as randomly as well.

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The last time this happened, yesterday, I pulled out my last keyboard - also Logitech (K270) which served faithfully for a fair few years.

I use some of those brown IKEA AAA’s, so it’s a simple job to stick them on charge and put in pretty fresh AAA’s while they get topped up - not the issue. Both keyboards on any battery.

It comes and goes - and I’m not sure how to troubleshoot when it comes (partly because it can take a very long time to type any words into the terminal, and even longer to try to use a menu).

Right now I have Jackett, Sonarr and Radarr on - not sure if they’re responsible, maybe I’ll have to disable them for a day or two the next time this comes on… TBH I’m not sure what the point of Radarr is - it’s not like movies get future updates like TV in Sonarr anyway…

I have similar issues with a Logitech K270 keyboard on a PI4 which I am using right now. A temporary fix was to pull out and reinsert the WiFi dongle, which is safe to do in the middle of your work. The final solution was to put the dongle on a WiFi extender cable nearer the keyboard/mouse and away from the other electromagnetic interference on the PI4 board.

Yes, maybe - it’s behaving today… but I do have extenders to put the dongle under the TV in direct sight (just 2 metres, but the ATX case is hidden by the TV)>
Annoyingly it never happened before, so I’ll have to keep an eye on Plex server, as well as Sonarr. I’ll stop Radarr - I don’t see much point in having a server for movies. It’s possible that Sonarr is going through an update and trying to pull down lots of missing files…