Some applications are huge

I have GPD WIN 2. It’s a tiny laptop which looks like a Nintendo GameBoy. It have approximately 5 inch display with 1280x720 resolution. So some applications have weird sizes. Kingst VIS is best demonstration what i mean when say huge. (oh shi, i can’t share picture)

I’m newbie in Manjaro, i’m using ubuntu, debian and arch before with diffirent DE on this laptop. But i’m never see this behavour.

In my opinion source of this issue may be high DPI of display, but why only several applications looks so bad? I have no idea how to fix this…


this might help → HiDPI - ArchWiki

Thank you, but my aim is decrease size of some applications. This manual is about increasing sizes.

I don’t understand how and whele applications in Linux get dpi number. In my mind generally this number share graphics card, next kernell pass it to X11 or wayland, next grapical subsystem pass it to applications and finally applications set up ui elements size. So as i think ever ui library has it’s own dpi passing mechanism.

Most applications have normal size. Only KingstVIS and Muse score looks bad.


I see xrandr have option - - fbmm which used to set physical screen dimensions, but it don’t work. Do anyone knows how correctly in wayland set up dpi or screen dimensions?

P. S. : i hate modern technologies… If user want use 4k as four full HD monitors he must have ability to do it. I don’t understand why everyone think what they knows better how i want to see my applications on my display. Programmers, display and video card manufactorers, OS developers, they are cool guys, but why they decide which scaling will be comfortable for my eyes?