Some (all?) AUR packages override MAKEFLAGS, making system nearly unusuble when building packages

I notice frequently when updating or installing AUR packages that build from source, that I basically just have to go read a book. Even reading a forum is a struggle, and you can forget watching youtube videos or anything else. I have a Ryzen 2700X, 64GB RAM, and my boot drive is NVMe (with my non-boot data drive a SATA SSD), so while not the latest and greatest, it’s no slouch - it’s simply being too good at being fully utilized.

These packages in their PKGBUILD have hardcoded -j"$(nproc)" that means I can’t even try to throttle things by setting them in /etc/makepkg.conf. As an example package that I just had this annoyance with, orca-slicer

I tried renicing everything to idle prioritiy, but it didn’t help. Is there any way to override whatever is passed on the command line by PKGBUILD scripts ? It’s really annoying. I’d rather have the package taking 50% longer and not use all my threads…

Well some AUR maintainers want to have their packages as fast as possible built. You can always edit PKGBUILDs before building them, though.


Ah, looks like the solution can be found here then : How to edit/change PKGBUILD files in GUI Pamac (can’t link thread… but it’s a thread you can find on the Manjaro forum)

Though annoying as I’d still have to edit it every time instead of having a centralized override, it’s better than nothing.

Some? Not very many. All? Definately not.

AUR maintainers should NOT do that. Instead, they should modify MAKEFLAGS in their makepkg.conf instead. Leave a comment on the corresponding AUR page for packages that do to ask them to correct it.


When using trizen as AUR-helper, it is standard that you are asked for every package, if you want to edit the provided package-scripts.
If you say yes, trizen will start an editor with this file before it proceeds

I would look into some config issues since not even heavy compiling (especially if nice’d) should not completely freeze down the system. Maybe try using IO scheduler BFQ? I am perfectly able to surf the web and even watching videos while compiling with all cores on comparable setup, only ryzen 5 3600 and 16 gigs of RAM.

They need to edit their makepkg.conf not the pkgbuild