[Solved] ZFS+LUKS or ZFS+Native encryption?

EDIT: Scratch all that, it actually is possible! I had to fix my bootloader configuration for ZFS+LUKS setup to work (can't believe I messed up this badly), now I finally get to login to my system. I still have to figure out the ZFS+Native encryption setup, but I ran into a piece of information about it.
It seems like the filesystems don't get automagically mounted on boot. From what I see, a systemd service is most likely needed. I'll poke it until it works.

Has anyone tried installing Manjaro on ZFS with LUKS or with the native encryption of ZFS? If so, have you had any luck with getting it to run? I was trying to figure it out recently on a VM, and couldn't get it to work (I was using Manjaro Architect to do the job).

Native encryption doesn't show any passphrase prompt on powering up the machine, and instead it throws me into the Busybox. From what I remember, it showed something among these lines: "Couldn't load filesystem: Permission denied".
I also get thrown into the same terminal when trying to install Manjaro with ZFS+LUKS setup. This time however, it complains about ZFS modules not being loaded (despite the fact that I always install them along with the base).

None of these problems appear on an install without any sort of encryption. As I said before, I was trying to do this on a VM, and it's not something extremely important or something that I won't live without, but the curiosity is killing me, so I thought I'd ask here. :sweat_smile:

What do you mean with ZFS+LUKS? Is this a ZFS filesystem on top of LUKS? If that is the case I would be concerned that the LUKS layer is preventing ZFS to operate to its full capabilities with self-healing etc. Is it verified that LUKS is not cutting off some of the good stuff of ZFS?

ZFS+LUKS as in setting up ZFS on an encrypted partition. From what I've read on the ArchWiki, creating encrypted zpools will work just fine. ZFS starts losing some functionality however, when encrypting single directories, like /home. So, I think that as long as one sticks to a fully encrypted partition, ZFS should do its wonders without any hiccups. :smile:

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