[SOLVED] x86 cpu_insecure vulnerabily



I often check phoronix.com for linux, open source, and hardware(benchmarks) news.
And I found that recent generations of x86 cpus(yes, intel and amd) suffer from a bug in the PTI(page table isolation). That leaks data from kernel space to userpace which caused a BIG impact on performace.
The strange thing that manjaro community haven’t talked about this!
Check the output of: "cat /proc/cpuinfo"
if you find in bugs line: “bugs: cpu_insecure” then you’re affected!
What happened? bios corruptions in intel spi driver? cpu_insecure bug? What are your thoughts?


This has already been fixed in the testing branch. The Manjaro community has definitely talked about this.


How it got fixed?
Also, it’s urgent so it has to be merged to stable.


The kernel has been patched to handle Page Table Isolation in a secure manner.


So it has merged to stable and the output of cpuinfo won’t show this bug?
PS: I don’t have a recent gen (i3 5th gen) that’s why I ask.


It is in Manjaro testing. It will reach the stable branch the next time a stable update occurs.


Good!. I hope it happens soon!


Yeah, fixed (khm… “fixed”) here:



Note the cpu_insecure in /proc/cpuinfo only shows up if you are already running a patched kernel. The ability to detect the bug wasn’t present in previous kernels.


Doing the


command I get this:

bugs            : fxsave_leak sysret_ss_attrs null_seg

I’m using a

AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor

Is this something to worry about? It’s more than a year old already, according to search results on the Arch forum.
No idea what it does though.


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