[solved with kernel downgrade] External USB disk not recognized

I just bought a laptop (ASUS R543UA) on which I immediately replaced Windows 10 by Manjaro Gnome edition (18.3).

Almost all is good but pluging external usb disks which are not recognized at insertion.
The laptop has 2 USB2 slots and 1 USB3 slot, none of them work (same result).

The kernel detects the plug as shown there : https://i.imgur.com/jwrJFlh.png
The device is NOT created as /dev/sd?

I tried with another similar disk, and it is the same.
I plugged the two disks on my other computer (ArchLinux) and it works.
The same disk was plugged on a Manjaro on an old laptop without problem.

I can plug a smartphone on those slots, it is mounted.

I suppose it's something with storage driver, but I don't know where to start my researches (I didn't find any equivalent problem on the net so far).

Thanks for support !

Images conflict with forum troubleshooting functions.
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I think Americans say "looks like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck... it must be a duck!".

Hardware at fault?

Disable or mask tlp.

Also try an older kernel such as 4.14 (or other LTS kernels if no luck).

Search the forum for info if you are not familiar with how to do either on Manjaro.

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I looked at tlp, which seems to be about bluetooth, but as the bluetooth is deactivated by default, the module is not loaded.

I installed the latest LTS kernel (4.x) and... it worked, but then Chromium refuses to load. I might investigate more about this, to stay on the 4.x kernel until a solution is found on the 5.x.

Thanks for the help

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Glad my suggestion fixed things up for you. Chromium not working on kernel 4.14 is of no real consequence, as you can always use a quality browser instead like Firefox. :smile:

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Here a bit late. I had a similar issue with external drives connected to the PC. The drives are connected using a USB docking station. On boot, there is a kernel panic and boot process stops.

The fix was to disconnect the drives, re-install grub and reboot. After this, the PC booted normally with drives attached.

Carrying our a google search on this issue, there was a post in a forum that attached new drives sometimes causes grub to map to incorrect drives. A reinstall fixes this issue with grub.

There is no need to downgrade the kernel. I tested this with kernels 5.3, 4.19 and 4.14

Hope this is helpful.


Not relevant issue to this topic. :wink:

Actually I use Firefox for my own purpose.
This laptop is for my wife, and I respect her preference (and habits) to Chromium, so beside the joke, it's not an option :wink:

Anyway, there is no real reason Chromium does not work less on a previous (relatively recent) kernel, it's just surely a consequence of a cache issue. The most weird is that as I did not have the time to solve the problem to let her browse the web, I rebooted on the 5.x kernel and ... the usb disk has been mounted.

I can't explain the change (no other update alongside the kernel), it just worked after 3 hours of wondering. I keep the 4.x kernel installed in case of though.

This is relevant as external drives are connected with a USB interface and were not recognised. The drives were recognised by operating system and not mounted. By reinstalling GRUB, the problem disappeared.



It's good to insist on your opinion, but it would benefit all the rest of us, if you explained how grub installation fixed your issue. Else, it's useless claims.
Please, contribute to our knowledge. :wink:

PC would not boot with external drives connected through a docking station to a USB port. The drives were disconnected, PC booted, drives re-connected and GRUB re-installed. After this the PC booted normally.

Just to clarify, I am not insisting on my opinion. There was a problem booting the PC and reinstalling GRUB fixed it and to my mind at least this is a solution and relevant.

If you feel it is not a solution that is your opinion.

Your issue was a boot problem. OT is not about boot.

True, if it was about philosophy, while we are dealing with technology, which requires facts and opinions are meaningless.
But thanks for your trust :wink:

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