[SOLVED] Turn off immediately when pressing the power button does not work as it should.

Go my friend, you do not miss one, you read my profile. I like you, with my profile data many possible questions are already answered.

I will do what you suggest, I will try different situations to see this of the battery, with battery, without battery, with power and without battery, power and battery, and all that I can think of.

I cant read spanish but is this a new install of the os

not really, let's see, I have my personal applications installed, but the system was not manipulated by me. I repeat that this happens only after updating, and install the system from scratch twice and it is more than confirmed that there is something inside the updates.
And yes, already update with the newly installed system that is to say without installing anything that does not already come by default in the installer and the problem is the same.

I would try also a different kernel. Install the 5.2 one from MSW, also please provide the
inxi -Fxxxz
from terminal. Copy that text and paste it here. use ``` above and bellow it, no screenshots. Maybe we only need to add a kernel boot parameter related to acpi_osi ...

I had already tried kernel 5.0 but not 5.2
You can check it in my open topic in Spanish I copy the link.

Then I will delete the subject in Spanish by not getting any response.
First the battery and then comment on the kernel.
by the way in kernel 5.0 the USB ports don't work for me (none)

That one is EOL, so maybe you installed the RT one (real time) and might not be ok for you. Also, you can try the 4.14 kernel too.

tell me more about kernel 4.14
Nothing happens to make a downgrade to the kernel?

Battery and power tested in different combinations and the problem remains the same. without changes.

You can have as many kernels installed on your system as there are in the list of MSM. That is advantageous about Manjaro ... The 4.14 kernel is one of the best i used. You can select the one you want to test at Grub Boot menu.

And if we better tell people, it is an incredible exclusive function that prevents data loss? hahaha

Don't forget about inxi -Fxxxz :slight_smile: ... also, maybe there is something to mkinitcpio.conf HOOKS ?
From terminal:
cat /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

Maybe appending "acpi=force" to kernel parameters helps ... I run out of ideas :slight_smile:

you know that, step of installing another kernel, because with kernel 5.0 I jump the grub when turning on the ordinate, which I do not like, I use linux as a single system and I think it happened for now to reinstall again manjaro to remove The grub countdown.

pffff .... I thought this was to edit a command line like:
shutdown = "true" or "false".
I am still investigating a command that diagnoses what update the small defect is giving me.

my brain also dried up, that's why I went here, I said maybe this is something that happens to others and they aren't saying it, but not, only to me.
I said, maybe I read the program cinnamon or manjaro. but as this happens to me alone, I will have to wait to see if the god of technology forgives me hahahaha ...

well, after thinking about it a couple of times, today I decided to install kernel 4.14 accepting that more things could go wrong, and the situation is the same, without changes, I think this confirms that the kernel has nothing to do with the small inconvenience.

The only change I have is that when I turn on the device this message comes out.


after two our father and a Hail Mary. the problem was solved.
Seriously, about an hour or so ago, I got an update package, inside it features cinnamon, hoping very high suddenly the button shutdown worked. both in kernel 4.14 and in 4.19.62.

The little problem lasted almost three weeks if I am not mistaken, I thought I would have it for life, but my faith in manjaro, specifically the cinnamon desk is restored.
If a similar problem occurs, I will try to wait a month before making the fuss. XD

Thanks to everyone, especially to
@bogdancovaciu, I don't know what it means, but it should mean goodwill.

thanks to:

@Sinister for providing me with the manual, and noting that my publication had a few more numbers.

to @SGS for telling me to edit my publication and so solve the numbers too.

to @datiswous for telling me to change the title of the publication.

to @rbrick49 for opening a discussion about data storage. I bet rbrick48 was in use hahahaha. XD

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As I understand you, if no person comes up with the solution and the issue is resolved, should I not mark anyone as a solution?
I just wanted to highlight my post, in no way I think I found the solution. (I already saw that you removed it hahaha)

I had a good time looking for a way to edit my username and put the @ you mentioned ahead but I can't find the edit icon. If you could light my way I would be very grateful.

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oooh thank you very much, I was wondering, how do I get a notification to those I mention in my list of thanks?

good advice: D

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