[SOLVED] - Trying to rescue my NAS with Manjaro


I had Manjaro running hours ago, then a faulty USB flash drive led me to assume my very crappy BIOS could benefit from an update. Now the machine won’t boot from anything other than a Manjaro LiveUSB stick, because the only method that will boot is EFI. I can get an EFI shell or Manjaro will boot via EFI, but no other way will work. I cannot even access my BIOS to reflash. It’s either black screen and not even a POST, EFI shell, or Manjaro Live install environment.

Can anyone help? I have Googled for hours now, and nothing works. There is no flash.nsh or flash_me.nsh script for my mobo.

Ideally, I would like to somehow use Manjaro’s EFI boot ability to boot into FreeDOS to flash the BIOS and get back to normal boot functions. Is this possible somehow? Or I could use FlashROM from the Manjaro LiveUSB? I’m lost. I appreciate any help.


You definitely could use the live environment to create another (hopefully) bootable image.
Though the issue sounds odd. Normally if the BIOS update went wrong, your machine should be toast. Being able to boot EFI and not traditional BIOS is a new one for me.


It was very weird. Turns out the version I flashed didn’t like my 4k TV, so it was only sort of working. I would never have guessed, but I just happened to shoot in the dark and hook the NAS up to my office PC monitor, and it was like nothing was ever wrong with it.

Then I flashed back to the other BIOS, and it’s all back to normal. IDK. Werid stuff.


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