[SOLVED] Troubles installing extra distros/janky first install

I think ive worked my self into quite the corner here. I have done extensive searching here and trying but no one seems to have run into my particular situation.

My partition sceme:
sda1 mounted at / (manjaro installed here)
sda2 empty (for future distro)
sda3 empty (for future dsitro)
|_sda6 mounted at /share(to share data between OS)

So what my problem IS NOT is that I have no problem getting into my desktop.

What my problem IS is that I want to install another distro on a seperate partition. I probably messed it up from the beginning. I Installed manjaro in a to a MBD partition. I didnt think my laptop had UEFI style bios on my initial install. I can however toggle from UEFI to legacy boot mode.

-While in Legacy bootmode , i am unable to boot from USB to install another distro on a seperate partition. I get stuck on a screen that just says "GRUB".

-In UEFI boot mode i get sent to grub rescue which says "filesystem unrecognizeable". A ls shows 3 listings ; (hd0) (hd1) (cd0). Im not too familiar with grub but every other example i find shows the ls as coming up with a format similar to (hd0,6)

This double sucks because i cant even partition my drive again as I cant get into a live environment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is your boot order correct in the BIOS? It sounds like you are not booting off the USB?

Also, you can't mix legacy and UEFI. You need to pick one and use it for all your installs.

Seems if you have Manjaro installed and booting correctly this issue is about your other distros installation. Maybe if you feel you are competent enough to handle dual triple booting you should research and figure this stuff out for yourself.

Otherwise stick to a simple supported single boot setup. Don't put your lack of knowledge onto the Manjaro forum to fix things you have no business doing at your knowledge level. Do some learning for yourself, and when you've learned what the score is, pay it forward on the forum.

This forum is already saturated with users with legitimate Manjaro installation issues. Don't suck up support resources for your own side distro projects. Manjaro is working on your system, if you want to break things experimenting with dual/triple booting that is your prerogative. However don't put that on the Manjaro forum. Learn to make backups and if you break thing fix them yourself. Learn to be self reliant, not a leach of forum resources.

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Now would be the ideal time to start by learning your hardware. Then install Manjaro and learn it. :smiley:


If this is a new install, you could perhaps consider re-installing the system on a gpt disk in uefi mode.

Sounds like a topic for another distro's forum?

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I found out the problem was the usb booter. Which is strange because i used the exact same commands via CLI to get the subsequent OSes on the USB as I did Manjaro. Manjaro read and installed fine.

Anyways, I used a 3rd party program to create the live boot usbs and now i can boot up to any of the three distros.

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