[Solved] Swap Alt with Ctrl (keep window switcher Alt-Tab)

Very new to Manjaro, I am normaly a macOS user.

I just installed the XFCE Edition - 17.0.6 (4.9.58-1-MANJARO)

I would like to know how to swap the mappings for L-Alt to L-Ctrl and vice versa, but without affecting the normal Alt+Tab combination.

I would also like that Ctrl+Q will close the current window and Ctrl+W will close the current application tab.

I did all of the above very easily on Mint, but I can’t figure out how to do it in Manjaro.
Sorry, I can’t get over old OSX habbits.


Try in Keyboard Layout, Advanced settings (or similar) in XFCE Settings Center.

This is in Window Manager settings, Keyboard shortcuts.

If you 've done it in Mint (what DE?) then you can make it in Manjaro as well.

After a few days of research the newbie in me found a solution using Xmodmap. I will paste the settings here for prosperity.

clear control
clear mod1
keycode 37 = Alt_L Meta_L
keycode 105 = Alt_R Meta_R
keycode 64 = Control_L
keycode 108 = Control_R
add control = Control_L Control_R
add mod1 = Alt_L Meta_L

For Ctrl+Q, Ctrl+W, Alt-Tab it’s true that you can find them inside the Window Manager settings.


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