[Solved] Removed kernel and rebooted

I had some package conflicts according to pacman, so I started repairing my PC while watching a series with wifey (not a good combo). In a guide here I found that I should remove kernel related packages so I did, but forgot to install one before rebooting.

Now I face grub command line, which is good because I found guides to repair my system, that is, if grub fails to find a kernel. But I did not find any guide that would help me if I have no kernel. Is there a way to do just that?

The kernel is somewhat important.

You will probably need to boot off a Manjaro live ISO. Use manjaro-chroot to access the system on your disk and install a kernel.

Thanks. It was not too hard eventually to fix my pc. Only that mhwd-kernel would not work, so I used pacman to install the kernel, headers and extra.

There are only a few strange behaviors left: touch to click gone (fixed), some wireless instability and that I see "lenovo" splash screen on boot 3 times instead only once.

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