[SOLVED] Program to do a system wide file search?

Is there any program that lets you do a system wide file search like typing in windows start menu does?

I'm using Catfish file search and it's hit or miss
Sometimes it cant find at all
And have to choose individual drives or directories. Not system wide.

Any better recommendations that let me do this?

the windows search indexes everything in advance, so the search part is already done and it can just feed you the results. catfish does not index, so it needs to build results every time you ask. i use searchmonkey, which is a little better than catfish, but it does not index either. i think gnome or kde or both has an indexing service built in, but i don't know of a seperate gui one off the top of my head. locate is a cli one, but i'm not familiar with its use.

edit: a little poking around finds fsearch and angrysearch are often recommended. both are in the aur.

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This might be too minimalistic, but: mlocate. It uses an index, so it is very fast, but the index needs to be updated (I personally use a 5 min timer).


sudo updatedb
locate FILE

Rofi (or dmenu) can be used as a GUI (send locate results to rofi and then open selected entry with associated program), e.g.,

xdg-open "$(locate -e / | rofi -dmenu)"

A search only in $HOME with a more appropriate matching mode in Rofi:

xdg-open "$(locate -e $HOME | rofi -dmenu -matching normal)"

angrysearch damn near gave me whiplash it's so fast. only one issue with it you only can pin it to the panel, and i want to pin it as a widget cause it's a smaller icon that way.

Drill is really fast. It's in the AUR as drill-search or there's an AppImage on the home page.

Recoll - very good results. You can even do full indexing of all text content to do keyword searches of all indexed text content. Very handy if you can't recall a documents title but you know some important keywords that will identify what you're looking for.

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I do not think this is a system wide search. Windows 10 may search in documents and other user folders on the system drive, but it does not search other drives (unless I am using it wrong).

I use mc (Midnight Commander) to do all my searches. But it can take some time to learn since it is classic terminal file manager. There are gui alternatives similar to it. But I recommend researching other file managers. I have never actually used catfish because I prefer orthodox file managers (I use Total Commander on Windows).

windows10 can do it if you checked the box's, if you did the configuration after installing.
Isn't the terminal the best tool in any distro (even windows) if you point correctly the main folder to search? May not be the quickest but give you all the details you might need :slight_smile:

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Oh, I didn't know about this enhanced index option. But I don't know if I want to enable it. I never had a problem searching for files before, and I don't like things running in the background scanning my drives at random times.

you are 1,000,000% correct. for system wide searches in windows you need something like search everything also knows as everything. it's extremely fast and doesn't miss items on your os drive like windows search does.

Installed Fsearch from AUR
It works great. Exactly what I was looking for.

It's good but only shows search results for the files in the linux partition
Doesn't show any results for a files in the different partitions

This one pretty much froze up my system while indexing and it took more than an hour to for it to finish indexing
It's not really what I'm looking for. Just a simple file search app
Thanks for the reply

I hate the default windows 10 start menu so I installed 'Classic Shell'
It works exactly like the windows 7 start menu did

As for the file searches, it can take some time at times but has never failed to show up any files on my pc after a search.

Installed this from the aur. This is pretty good. But it keeps freezing up on me for me for some reason.

I installed 'Fsearch'
It works perfectly.

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