[SOLVED] ODROID N2, package info/ request: Love2D available?

Regarding Manjaro ARM for the ODROID N2, I'd like to ask if the LÖVE framework (love2d) 11.2-1 for 2D games in Lua is available and working on this device?

It's specifically not mentioned for the ARMv8 (ODROID C2, N2) on the archlinuxarm-package list. Thanks in advance for the kind insight!


With snapcraft or flatpak ?

I'm curious to know if it is working on the n2...

Does not seem like Love2d is even available for x86_64 Arch Linux or Manjaro or in the AUR.

But I would think it's just a matter of creating a PKGBUILD that builds it.

Actually it should already be in the community repo. Should be installable by simply running:
sudo pacman -S love
Or by searching love in Pamac/Octopi.

It is mentioned for ARMv8. ARMv8 is also called aarch64.

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Thanks for the details.

Thank you so much for your helpful answer, @Strit. Very kind.
Will mark this topic as solved.