[SOLVED] "No bootable device" after installing Manjaro i3 edition



I installed Manjaro i3 edition on an older PC (BIOS, no EFI). It only has an SSD, no HD. Before, it was running Windows 10 from that SSD, and it is at the top of the BIOS boot order list. I erased Windows and installed Manjaro. The installer found the SSD alright, I chose the default option to install the bootloader to the SSD’s MBR.
When I turn the PC on, however, it says “No bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key”. Is there something I might be missing?


Bootflag missing?


Hmm, shouldn’t the installer set that? I didn’t choose manual partitioning.


just start your live iso and check on it.


Yep, that was the problem. Thanks!

Is there a reason why the installer doesn’t do that? Does that make sense at all?


I have no idea. It seems to work sometimes w/o it and sometimes not. Depends on the BIOS.


In any case, I have a working system now. Thanks again!


There is an open issue at Calamares about it. It will be fixed soon I guess, so for current ISOs, the boot flag for BIOS/MBR installations has to be verified, after installation and before reboot.

I guess a “Known Issues” on the Announcements, or elsewhere would save lots of people of this trouble @fhdk @jonathon …?

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