[SOLVED] New App Store


Package Manager. Understood? It is not difficult to assimilate.


Those are 2 different things.
In any case … there are multiple package managers … it is not difficult to name which one you mean.


I think he is talking about all package managers for various desktop environments???

I use Gnome, and I do use the Gnome software (package manager) to find and read about software. It also is connected to the flatpak and snap stores, so it is an all-in-one.

I guess the takeaway from his post, is that pacman needs improvement in regards to things like suggestions, ratings, and very detailed descriptions.


See? for example I didnt even know we used ‘Gnome Software’ instead of pamac or octopi.


Well technically we don’t, any of the package managers, but you can use them to browse software. I do use Gnome Software to install/find/launch flatpak and snap apps…it is very handy. All other software installs I use pacman.



In the past I used Ubuntu and MInt, but so far Manjaro has been the best. My post was in the sense of what could be improved on the distro. I use linux based systems since 2008.


This has been a recurring discussion with the majority seem pretty happy with the current iterations of Pamac and/or Octopi (those that use the gui, that is).

I’m not a fan of App Store style package managers, myself–which is why I’m glad Gnome Software isn’t installed by default on the Gnome edition.


You still haven’t told use which graphical package manager you think could be improved. Different Manjaro editions ship with different package managers.

You also haven’t provided any constructive or specific feedback. I am not sure how anyone could take any effective action based on your current feedback.


@tbg’s gonna chime in here about now… :wink:


That’s great that you’ve used linux for so long. Coming from Ubuntu and Mint you no doubt are used to the way they do things. Many Ubuntu and Mint users enjoy making these helpful suggestions on a daily basis.

After a while the members who frequent the forum everyday find all these helpful suggestions very tiresome after the thousandth one we’ve read. I’m not being critical of your post, but perhaps you’d feel that way if a hundred posters jumped on your thread to say your way is the wrong way.


You’re right about the manager. I am referring to the graphical interface XFCE, but my question was made explicit when I attached the images, showing that the screen could be more intuitive to install packages. It was a question of USABILITY.


Son, that’s a Desktop Environment not a Package Manager or an App Store or whatever.

This. Especially when it’s from a relative newcomer who isn’t all that used to Manjaro.

Suggestions for changes are always welcome but they need to come attached to a well thought out argument.


Those screenshots do not demonstrate that.

Since we have seen other suggestions along these lines, let me help you a little with specifics.

  • A store style interface
  • A way to differentiate between applications and underlying libraries
  • Better categorization of software
  • A recommendations engine
  • etc, etc

The graphical package managers provided today are not anything like an app store. That really is a different concept than what they provide. If you are expecting that, I can see why it wouldn’t meet your expectations.

The reality is the data required to do much of that isn’t available in the package base and it would take a fair amount of effort to create an maintain the infrastructure for it.

It is completely doable, but it would take a dedicated team of skilled volunteers. Thus far, nobody has really wanted to put the effort into it. If it is a project that excites you, I would recommend putting together a team and working on it. Ultimately, that is what everyone involved in this is, a volunteer and this is where all the software comes from.


If you are a KDE user then install “Discover” this is more like the App Store you are wanting.


If those photos ‘explain’ what you are talking about … please explain it to me.
Because I know what the default package manager in XFCE is … but it still isnt even clear you are talking about the default package manager in your DE (since we now know finally which DE).
So c’mon, its a simple request of your request…



is that deepin app store
we have gnome software center
but we dont have deepin app center
can anyone tell me why is that???
edit:ok found it on github readme

* For Ubuntu or other Debian system:
  In principle, deepin software center can run on all Debian system.
  Only reason that it can't running on Ubuntu or other Debian system 
  is we use recommend many third-party softwares in home page of software center.
  Because those third-party softwares just exist in deepin repository, 
  so software center will startup failed if it can't find those softwares in local system.

  There have two solution to fix this problem:
  1) Add deepin repository in your local system.
  2) Change recommend software list with your system.

it might need changes to make it work on arch/manjaro


Unfortunately we lack the resources for developing an app store for Manjaro. However, gnome software seems to be steadily getting better, so in a few years it might be able to fulfill this role.

As for adding these features to pamac (the only package manager we actually develop and maintain)… Not worthy the dublication of effort. These features are not universally desired, and there is already other software for this.


This is what I meant, but couldn’t figure out how to say it as politely as that :sweat_smile:

It worked surprisingly well when I dabbled with Fedora. Still, I found myself missing Arch-based package management tools, so it didn’t last long…


Manjaro is great, but many forum users are children.

I just made a suggestion and they think I’m trying to offend them. Friends, it was just a suggestion. You who are complaining, growing up and learning to listen to what you do not like. Stop being teenagers, spoiled nerds who can not hear a suggestion.