[Solved] Mozilla Firefox and Seamonkey cookie problems


I have just installed Manjaro Linux on a Dell OptiPlex 790.
Generally, it works well, but both Firefox and Seamonkey will not show an online magazine reader.
Even though cookies are allowed in the settings, it refuses to show the page due to the cookies.
The page shows up perfectly in Google Chrome and Chromium, though.

This is the trouble page:

/ Hans Gatu


You are linking to an error page (e.g. error=1).

If you load an error page in any browser it will display the error page.

I can load the top-level site without issue.

I can also load a demo page without issue:


It had to do with time setting.
By installing and running TimeSet and syncronize with NTP, solved everything.

/ Hans Gatu


Ah yes - something which rarely comes up is having a correct system clock. It can cause all sorts of issues but it’s very unusual for people to have an incorrect system time.