[Solved] Mouse and keyboard unresponsive after boot

I’ve just installed Manjaro XFCE on a new computer for my daughter.
Everything works great, but after booting it takes a few minutes before you can use the mouse or keyboard which is pretty annoying.
I have a fair few other machines running Manjaro XFCE and have never experienced this so unsure what it could be or how to diagnose it.
Any ideas much appreciated.

Editing to add -
I believe it is related somehow to bluetooth.
We bought 2 identical machines for our daughters.
On the machine with bluetooth working, there is no delay in being able to use keyboard or mouse.
The machine with the delay issue happens to also not have bluetooth working.
Bluetooth is built in to the motherboard I believe.
We are dual booting both computers with Windows and on the issue machine under Windows the bluetooth is also not working and lists a unknown device connected - failed descriptor.
On the machine where there is no issue Windows sees the bluetooth device.
We are not really bothered about bluetooth as they don’t use or have any bluetooth devices to use with it.

Yeah turns out this was because the bluetooth/wifi card that came with the computer wasn’t pushed in correctly. Once I pushed it all the way in the issue is gone.