[Solved] Manjaro Settings Manager doesn't show language-packs

I have installed hyphen-de manually for my Libreoffice installation. It should then be displayed in the Manjaro Settings Manager as an installed language package.

But as you can see in the screenshot, it is not displayed there. Even before I installed the package manually, I was not offered any language packages for installation.

I have now installed Thunderbird as a test. But I don’t get any packages to choose from via the Manjaro Settings Manager. Is there something wrong with the Manjaro Settings Manager?

Can you please post

pacman -Qs libreoffice

Here’s the output:

pacman -Qs libreoffice                                                   
local/libcdr 0.1.6-3
    CorelDraw file format importer library for LibreOffice
local/libreoffice-fresh 7.0.4-3
    LibreOffice branch which contains new features and program enhancements
local/libreoffice-fresh-de 7.0.4-1
    German language pack for LibreOffice Fresh

In my system hyphen.de appears at “Installierte Sprachpakete” not at “Verfügbare Sprachpakete”. At the tab “Verfügbare Sprachpakete” you can select additional langauage packages.

not in my

What shows up if you open “Sprachumgebungseinstellungen” in “Systemeinstellungen”. Have you set German as language properly, when installing Manjaro?

Please show output of

cat /etc/locale.conf

hmmmm - it’s empty

I have set it to “German”. Now the language packages are also displayed for selection.

Thanks for the help!

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