[Solved] Manjaro KDE is incredibly slow, but Cinnamon and XFCE are snappy



Anything showing in system monitor?


As the name says, it manages your modem (if you have one). It’s related to NetworkManager.

If you do not have a modem, you can safely remove/mask/disable it.


Nothing. It looks all normal on the system monitor, at least on the graphical widget that I can add to the panel.


Try htop in a terminal, keep it running (yakuake is good for this).


Alright. Will do.


I have htop running now. What’s yakuake?


Plasma’s drop down terminal, press F12 (the default) to show it. You may need to install and add to startup as you added Plasma to existing install.


F12 at desktop doesn’t do anything.
You mean Konsole isn’t the Plasma terminal?


you can also remove akonadi and pim suite if you dont use it


Install it… It is based on konsole, but is a quake style dropdown terminal.


Just had htop and the GUI Task Manager running at the same time and tried running a bunch of things I haven’t started up this session. Memory never reaches 50% and CPU usage is negligible, but they all still take quite a while to start up.


Oh wait. Isn’t that just htop?


Yes, but running in yakuake and slightly modified by me.


change compositer to xrender and animation speed to very fast


I definitely don’t. Great idea.

Tried that already but applications still took a while to start up.


Alright. I’ll give it a try.


most credible is to use ssd


Which apps are slow to start?


I kid you not: everything. Even the widgets in the panel. But once they’ve been started up once, they open and restart just fine. For example, pacman is an anomaly really good for illustarting this: If I’d just turned my laptop on and opened pacman, it’d take 2-3 minutes just to show me the borders of the pacman window. But close it and reopen it afterwards, 1 second.


You mean pamac?

Try running from a terminal, does it report any errors? (command is pamac-manager).