[Solved] - manjaro deepin - lightdm - startdde - loop in login screen

Hi all,
last update set a package inconsistency between startdde and deepin-desktop-schemas-manjaro
Symptom: stuck at login screen, you enter correct password but it keeps asking you password in lightdm

Error cause: package deepin-desktop-schemas-manjaro is not compatible with upgraded package startdde

Solution: downgrade startdde package

I see that there is a new deepin-desktop-schemas but I cannot install it because of dependencies (it needs to remove deepin-desktop-schemas-manjaro, and this needs... well you know, more packages to be removed...) So for now I have set startdde to not update in pamac settings.

I suppose I have to wait to new deepin-desktop-schemas-manjaro to be released. Is it right? Maybe @oberon you know about this isue?


You need to replace deepin-desktop-schemas-manjaro with deepin-desktop-schemas package.
First, if you still have it installed, you need to remove manjaro-deepin-settings.

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Many thanks! That worked.

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Thanks! This answer also should be marked as Solution. Unfortunately, I can only mark one.

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