[SOLVED] LXQT Monitor configuration problem



Ok, run into a problem with this on my desktop system which I’m setting up today. I copied over my standard 10-monitor.conf file over to etc/X11/xorgconf.d like usual, rebooted… and it was ignored. Aside from a potential ownership issued (owned and grouped with the user instead of root), I’m at a loss why it didn’t work like it has with previous installs. Does LXQT store monitor configuration somewhere else?

Fixed, xorg needs to go die in a fire.




Do you need more??

I see an illusion that Xorg is a beast and we also have a solution. I wonder about the fire material… paper, wood, oil, petrol, a bit of a mystery…



I suppose for those what curious, problem was that my usual 10-monitor.conf file wouldn’t work. Came down to the fact that for some reason on this LXQT install, instead of HDMI1, HDMI2, Screen0, we have HDMI-1, HDMI-2, Screen 0