[SOLVED] Lo_kde5filepicker uses 100% cpu

So when I reboot manjaro everytime the process lo_kde5filepicker starts up closing this manually seems that it doesn’t restart it after until the next reboot, how can I solve this issue I did google it and look through several other forum posts but changing the /etc/libreoffice/
config file to logo 0 does not solve the issue so I am now looking for a solution

Which desktop are you using, and do you use network shares.

I use KDE plasma 5.13.5 I have a Pcloud network share that is on an external network

Different symptoms but reminds me of this issue I dealt with on Libre Office on KDE. It might be worth a read.


I will give that a try.
reporting back soon.

Removing gvfs seems to solve the issue.
and since it’s for gnome I will assume it doesn’t matter for other programs that I have
it did mention Krita uses it as an optional dependency

On KDE gvfs is not necessary at all, so it should not cause any issues removing it. Glad that worked for you.

Yes, Thanks for your assistance

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I just had this issue. Just with 15% instead of 100%.
But I don’t have gvfs installed at all.

Mine just starts when I use LibeOffice and open a file. It keeps going after I’ve closed LibreOffice.

It’s a weird issue, I do think it has something to do with LibreOffice.
your problem sounds like the one caused if logo on the config file is set to 1 but I honestly don’t know I saw several different solutions work for different people
I do hope it will be fixed somehow in the future though.

Try this @Strit:

Open whichever script matches your LibreOffice version in your favorite text editor:


uncomment - (remove the hashtag) from the beginning of this line at the bottom of the script:


Save the file with root permissions and exit the text editor.

I have no idea if that will help your issue, but I know you use KDE and NFS shares as I do. This fix helped for problems with LO on my system. Easy enough fix to try, so why not give it a shot.

PS. @CookieAlice when someone posts a link to the solution to your problem it’s considered a little rude crediting yourself with the solve.

Taking away the solve anyway since there are way to many solutions to this issue.

people should rlly read the thread and try out some of them.

I just noticed a related pacnew file for Libre Office. This is a new option that you might want to test out (rather than the option I listed earlier).





Add the line:

export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3_kde5

I have seen this issue on multiple installs.

I am lazy and I don’t use LO much though so I just switched to LO-still.

Glad to see you guys are on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Will take a took later :slight_smile:

it only starts it once after rebooting a kill script could also be a solution

I had the same issue with KDE Plasma 5.14.4 on Manjaro 4.18.20.

I didn’t try removing gvfs, as I’m not sure if any other programs have that as a dependency. But I killed the issue it by adding pkill -f Lo_kde5filepicker to my .bashrc . Thanks.

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