[SOLVED] libvirt/virsh fails to initialize default network at boot on Ryzen 3000


cant figure out whats wrong with this thing...
When i manually initialize libvirt and fire up the default network via virsh everything works fine,
if i enable the network to autostart however, virsh will just hang indefinetely after boot.
Restarting libvirt allows me to again manually start the default network. Oo
Any suggestions? Because i couldnt find any solution on the internets thus far. :frowning:


Found the issue, its apparently a Ryzen 3000 thing, where KVM isnt initialized in time.

What you do is insert MODULES=(kvm_amd) into your /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and rewrite it with mkinitcpio -p linux52 (or whichever Kernel your using).

Hope that eleviates some headaches. :stuck_out_tongue:


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