[SOLVED] kirigami2-git crashes SystemSettings5 , need to go off ....-git to fix

I traced an ugly bug downto kirigami2-git. It crashes many QML sys settings in KDE plasmashell.

how to reproduce:

  1. wreck your KDE by installing kirigami2-git on a Manjaro with otherwise non-git plasma stuff
  2. evoke crash with: kcmshell5 kcm_icons
  3. repair KDE by replacing the package kirigami2-git with kirigami2 , i.e. NON-GIT

Of course, all that Dr. Konqi business is nonsensical to use here, as always.

all the QML KCMs are being crashed by kirigami, wrecking the whole KDE in the process.

but the questoin is: :arrows_clockwise: where the heck does on find the offending kirigami2 commit version 5.61.0.r1856.g90294e61-1 packaged by one philm@manjaro.org seemingly. Finding stuff is next to impossible in manjaro.

kirigami2 is in the manjaro extra repository. the git package builds like kirigami2-git are all in the community repository for testing purposes with the release candidate ISO. That's why there are two different builds of kde packages in repositories but they should never be mixed and matched as you have found out the hard way.

also, please do not self solve, especially for self-inflicted problems :wink:

OK and where is that repo now? Or is nobody supposed to know this?

BTW: Manjaro has a long track record of making their user's life hell by poisoning their package-repo with stuff that will inevitably break their KDE. For many years they enjoyed throwing in OPENrc packs which would wreck any systemD installation forever. Neat strategy there, seems to be the same as the GIT/ NON-GIT business.

since usually the community stuff does not break KDE it is hardly "self inflicted".

if it were as you claim, octopi would NEED to issue a warning that a ....-git pack is going to kill the KDE install.

it's available in testing branch - https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Switching_Branches

dude I mean where is the actual GIT repo of the actuall source ?

The community and extra repositories are installed with every system. I am not sure that makes it a secret.

*-git packages are usually built directly from the latest source and you shouldn't install them unless you have a compelling reason to.

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so there is not a link but the stuff is hidden. OK. I thought so.

They are not hidden at all.

but u dont give a link and google does not find one either.

click the folders, it's not that hard...

it may have escaped u but this stuff is usually pulled in without much user interference, you see

Enough trolling.


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