[SOLVED] Installation of same packages on a new system

Hi all,

This is my situation: I have a functional old (10 years) PC which is configured to my needs.

I just built a new box and installed manjaro.
Now, I would like to “transfer” all the packages installed in my old PC to the new one.

I know I have to use someting like pacman -Q or -Qe or -Qet or something, but I just cannot understand what.

I was thinking of getting two lists, one with all non-AUR packages, and one wit AUR-only packages. I will use the first one to install them automatically, and then try to install the AUR packages (omiting orphans etc.)

Is there a way to do that?
Is there maybe another way to do it?




Which should cover everything except for the AUR.


Also have a tool (not necessarilly for this … but has the functions)


Thank you very much for the answers!

I have managed to automatically “install” all non-AUR.

AUR applications was a different thing altogether…

I had to install all apps “manually” (well in a script, each line “yay …”)

Took me about an hour to do it, but now I’m done and will go on tomorrow to transfer .config, .local, etc.

Thanks again!

BTW, this was useful as well

Thanks for the link, but since I am on xfce I preferred to not use it, although it seemed to be able to do system to system packages transfer.


Yes … made for KDE … but does have the package list and restore (regardless of DE) which is why I mentioned it.
Glad to see you chugging along using the docs and all though!

Oh, after your reply, I thought I would have another look at it, and just noticed that this is your script :slight_smile:

You should have told me… if I knew it was written by you (and tested :wink: ) it would probably have saved me a lot of time…

Which brings me to my question: It would have been nice to have a thread/category/something where such helpful scripts and could be posted and indexed. It could also be pinned somewhere.

What do you think?

Heh. Thanks I think.
Well you can browse my projects if you like.
I dont think I have enough ego to actually sticky them or something … but some things did used to have threads on the old forum, so I might make those again. (there are certainly other tutorials and such that should be recreated)
By and large all of my projects have simply been responses to users needs.
(not actual projects with any support or officiality or anything)

In the case of Transfuse and XFCE … actuallly I wanted to make it less DE-specific … but I didnt have the time to test others and no volunteers came forward to point out the directories I would need to include.
(though one old user was very specific about needing a pulseaudio config … so that got included)
If you are at all interested I might take the time to update it with those kinda of things.

Well, it’s not a matter of ego, it’s a matter of value (if you know what I mean :wink: )

Yes, please do!
Maybe a Tutorials/Scripts subcategory under Support?

Sure, it would be great!
Just off the top of my head, I would say add ~/.config/xfce, ~/.config/libreoffice and maybe ~/.local/bin