[SOLVED] How to install AUR package with Node dependency using nvm's version of Node?

I am using nvm and need help installing the pencil package.

Pamac (gui) does not recognize my Node installation, which was installed by way of nvm, and require that I install Node again. I don’t wish to have multiple copies of Node, since this can cause issues later on.
The Archlinux Node wiki page indicates that I need the assume-installed flag, so I tried to install pencil using the following commands, but failed:

$ node --version
$ pamac build pencil --assume-installed nodejs=12.14.1

Please help me correct the syntax.

The assume-installed flag is a pacman specific one.
It won’t work with pamac. (I don’t think pamac has an equivalent flag)

The pencil package depends on yarn and that one on nodejs.
So I assume you do not have yarn installed atm?

First install yarn, assuming nodejs is there and then install pencil:

sudo pacman -S yarn --assume-installed nodejs=12.14.1
pamac build pencil

However, I’d recommend to use the nodejs package provided by the repository rather than the “manually installed” one if possible.

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Thanks a bunch. Just what the doctor ordered!

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