[SOLVED] How to fully remove VMware on /usr/lib/modules?

Hello everyone :slight_smile: , i removed VMware through AUR helper yay and this command
WARNING: it will delete every file or folder with vmware in the name
sudo pacman -S mlocate && sudo updatedb && locate -0 vmware | sudo xargs -0 rm -rf
it seams to work but every time i reinstall kernel with mhwd-kernel these files return.


how to remove them completely?

vmware installs linux headers and dkms
if you don’t need it just remove it with
sudo pacman -R dkms linux511-headers and reboot
if you are not sure you can keep it because its not from the AUR

Not a solution, but a suggestion.

Does pacman -Qs vmware show anything installed on your system with the name or description regex of “vmware”?

In the future, when you do a locate, don’t immediately remove the file. Instead, find what package owns the file (pacman -Qo FILE) and see if you can remove the package.

I currently use pamac to view and process AUR. I like to view the build files, etc. Don’t know yay well enough yet. Could give pamac a view; Need to enable AUR via pamac Preferences.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
pacman -Qs vmware show no output but pacman -Qo does.

pacman -Qo /usr/lib/modules/5.4.100-1-MANJARO/build/arch/x86/include/asm/vmware.h
/usr/lib/modules/5.4.100-1-MANJARO/build/arch/x86/include/asm/vmware.h is owned by linux54-headers 5.4.100-1

i couldn’t find vmware-installer so i remove it manualy

thank you for the help :smiley: