[Solved] How to dual boot Windows 10 (installed in Legacy mode) with Manjaro KDE?

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I am new to Manjaro. I have a laptop with windows 10 installed (in legacy mode). I have managed 100GB space for manjaro KDE installation purpose. I have tried manual partitioning like this:
/boot = 500MB
swap = 8GB
/ = rest of the space.

if i click next during installation - installer says manjaro need /boot/efi partition with FAT32 format and boot ,esp flags selected for proper boot.So, if I do that - will it create problem like missing windows 10 in grub loader problems? If so, what are the proper steps to install manjaro with windows 10(which is installed in leagacy mode/ mbr) dual boot capability?

I have searched many forums. But could not find proper solution and got confused.
Thanks in advance.
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You should be fine.

Granted they had a USB involved. I would probably just change your /boot partition to 128mb and make that the /boot/efi partition.

You have to boot the installation media in MSDOS/Legacy mode.

Thanks for your response.
So, you are saying that if i do install normally with /boot/efi = 128MB partition, i will be able dual boot my system with no problem? Grub will pick up windows in it’s list?

If so- then i will sure install manjaro .
[I just want to make sure before installation :stuck_out_tongue: ]

I tried that. but problem is my bios loads the usb installation media in uefi mode. :slight_smile:

I make no promises, it should work, but as a programmer I don’t trust that anything will work until after it works.

I understand. Many thanks for your advice. :smile:

Launch the boot selection menu of your machine, look in the manual for shortcut, or try several Fx buttons, like F5, F8 etc. There should be two entries for the same media, one for UEFI, one for Legacy. Or set your BIOS to only use Legacy.

Entered into bios mode > looked for boot option > but only shows UEFI usb installation media (my pendrive). not showing usb installation media for legacy mode (my pendrive).

Looked for the option to set my BIOS to only use Legacy but could not find that option.
My laptop’s model is ASUS X450LN .

Thanks again for your response.

Unfortunately, some bios’s will not display non-eufi boot devices. My Asus laptop is this way. To choose to boot from a legacy device, I have to hold down the esc/ escape key as I turn it on, it will display a menu where you can choose the device to boot from. There I can choose to boot from my USB drive in legacy mode. I hope this helps.


Thanks for your advice. I will try this for sure. Thanks again.

Here it is F8 try F10 too.

But I do not hold, I always type, type, type … blind :wink:

It works! I pressed the esc key during POST and able to select the legacy installation media. Then I installed the manjaro linux in legacy mode. Many thanks to you.

thanks @AgentS . You were right. I boot the installation media in legacy mode and that solved the problem.

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