[SOLVED] HDMI audio does not return after resume from standby



Tried restarting pulseaudio per some Arch forum thread - only thing that works so far is to not suspend, just do full shutdown at night. Never had this issue with Ubuntu gnome or kde…


Does it do the same thing if you use hibernate?


This issue often occurs with network drivers at suspend. The way I have been working around this problem with people experiencing these suspend issues is by unloading the modules before suspending. A systemd service file needs to be written to automatically unload the driver before suspending, then reload it at resume.

Perhaps a service could accomplish the same fix for audio components. Let me know if you’d like me to post info on writing a service file.


I do not see a hibernate option, only shutdown, reboot, suspend, lock, logout.

edit: possibly related - I don’t think a swap partition was setup on install…


You can always make use of a swapfile instead of swap partition, especially on SSD.


is that needed with 8GB of RAM?


Is needed if you want to use hibernate :slight_smile:
Also it depends how you set in BIOS (if you have those options): ACPI S1 (Power on Suspend) or ACPI S3 (Suspend to RAM).


Just brought PC back from suspend - then turned on HDMI monitor - sound working. So it may have to do with order of power, or it may have been fixed in the most recent round of kernel updates. Either way, problem solved.